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See What Our Parents Have to Say About Us!

Parents Reviews

I would certainly recommend Stepping-Stone and this place have been an excellent place of learning for our kid. First and foremost the staff and teachers are tenured and very well trained. Their pattern is process oriented for each and every age group, starting 6 weeks and so on. I am quite thankful to the teachers in the baby room and toddler room, they take extreme precautions in making sure the child does not get sick, and involve in various creative learning activities. The next important thing is pricing and the owners are doing an excellent job in making sure the pricing stays most competitive in The Woodlands area. The whole staff is very professional and I would also like to thank the director of this location Ms. Jessica and also Ms. Courtney. We are very much pleased with the care you have provided to our kid. Thank you and keep it up!

krishna grover

I absolutely love Stepping Stones. My daughter transferred to Stepping Stones from a different child care center and the difference is night and day. The front desk staff is kind and genuine, and I know that my daughter’s teachers truly care for her. My daughter lights up whenever we enter the building and I have peace of mind that my daughter is in good hands while I’m at work.

Amy Broad

My daughter has been attending their Summer Camp for a month now and I have been very happy with her experience. The staff are always friendly, especially the front desk.

Alexander Buchanan

We love Stepping Stones! Our first son attended from infant through pre-k and now our second son is attending. The teachers have been fabulous, always loving on my son and helping him to learn. My oldest loved going to school and he was prepared for kindergarten. This is definitely a school I would recommend to anyone with little ones!

Amy David

We love Stepping Stones!! As a mother, our biggest concern is not knowing if they are safe or being treated well. EVERYDAY I drop-off and pick-up they tell me they had a GREAT day! The Brightwell app is AWESOME! I love how even though I am away I'm still included in their daily activities. I know when they've been fed and changed and when they're playing, I even get daily pictures of my sweet babies! I can't stress enough how much I really do love Stepping Stones! :D Thank y'all for everything you do for me.

Ari B

First off let me say,"I truly love Stepping Stones Childcare!!" I knew this was the daycare for my son as soon as we walked through the door. We had gone to a few before stopping by. It was the warm family feel that I was looking for in a daycare. As we toured the facility it was clear that I need not look any further he was going to attend this school. The owners really take good care of the place. It’s very clean and well kept. Our son has been attending Stepping Stones for almost 2 years now. He’s now 4 years old and in pre-K. His teacher, Mrs. Sims is the best!! She’s very compassionate and is a great teacher! He loves this place. He will see his teacher and walk away like mommy and daddy leave me. They are going to teach me something new today. I highly recommend Stepping Stones Childcare to everyone. It has been the best experience for our son as well as ourselves.

Johnette T

This daycare is wonderful. I am extremely picky about who I leave my child with - we toured 7 different daycares around our home and I'm so thankful Stepping Stones had a spot available. My daughter (17 months) LOVES her teacher and every time I pick her up, she is happy & clean. They send pictures - sometimes videos - each day, they let me know when she has a diaper change & she always stays on her schedule - which I love. If you haven't tried this place, go for a tour! The ladies at the front desk are super sweet and helpful as well.

Stefanie Parra

Truly a Home away from home for my kids! These ladies have taken such good care of kids. My son requires a little extra care and they have been willing to learn and have been wonderful with him. He has learned so much and is never sad in the mornings when I drop him off. My daughter is in the after school program and absolutely loves it! She is so excited about the summer program as well!

Noraliz Morris

Amazing, the teachers who have cared for our family have truly made a difference in a child's life and our family! This year Ms. Cain & Ms. Muniz have exceeded all expectations and are truly stars; along with previous years teachers! A great start to a child's life!!

Naetha Uren

All of the staff should be commended on their love and dedication to their job and student. The school is very clean and pleasant. I am very pleased with the fulfillment. My main concern as a parent is that my child is not “lost in the system”. Avery has learned so much and her teachers are always on top of what is going on in the classroom and can answer questions that I have regarding her progress/well-being. Brooklyn likes Stepping Stones so much that she usually doesn’t want to leave!!

Rhonda Parkston

My son has been attending Stepping Stones Falconwing for a few years now and we've love it! The staff up front has always been courteous and interested in helping however possible. His teachers have all been excellent and show an interest in his learning. His current teachers are doing an amazing job of prepping him for kindergarten with plenty of word exercises that have had him reading for a little bit now. We'll definitely be sad when it comes time to attend kindergarten, but I'm sure we'll take advantage of their after-schoolers program!

The best indicator of their work is my son- he has learned a lot with his teachers through the years and I can't thank them enough for the work they have put in!

We could not have picked a better place!

Alex Lorenzana

We are very pleased with the curriculum. We like Stepping Stones because when we came for house hunting, the staff was very nice. We also liked the facility and the ability to accept my children in such a short notice.

Tanya Franklin

GREAT teachers and staff!It is more than just a daycare they actually teach.My daughter is learning so much and loving it.

Paris Pierson

My 3 year old has been going here for almost a year now and she loves it. We're so happy with Stepping Stones and she has learned so much: Spanish, tumbling, dance class, music, sharing, letters, numbers- we are truly impressed and can't say enough great things about this place. They have a full curriculum and assigned seats in the classroom at three. It's amazing to me how they can get the little ones to pay attention and participate. My daughter loves "school," her friends, her teachers (we spent the entire summer trying to prepare her to leave Miss Ingle's class because she loves her so much, ha,) and she seems to know most of the other teachers there too which is nice. I'm also pretty sure she eats better than I do over there most days. I'm a little jealous of their weekly menu. It's truly a wonderful place and again, I can't say enough great things about it. Everyone is wonderful.

Ashley Hernandez

Stepping stones has been "home" for us for over 4 years now. After staying home with my daughter for 13 months I decided to go back to work, finding the PERFECT daycare was probably the most important thing for me. I can remember the days going to check on her and seeing her carry around her blanket and bunny and sucking on her paci, thinking I would never ever be able to make it though. I couldn't have done it without all the love and patience that EVERYONE in stepping stone gave us, including a few extra special people (Jessica,Dorsey,Simey,Green,Bradford, Simms and Courtney). I don't think I could ever personally thank you all enough and I hope you know the special place each of you hold in my heart! Fast Forward 4 years and to baby number 2 (who I put in daycare at 5 months even though I was a nervous wreck over it). I truly and whole heartily believe I would have quit work by now to stay home with our son had it not been for Mrs.De La Rosa, she guided me through so many hards days (help me stayed organized and kept up with my crazy nursing schedules) and always made me feel at so much ease knowing that our son was in good hands. The best feeling in the world is when your baby reaches out for their caretaker without a fuss or cry. The love Mrs.De La Rosa has for her babies is unreal and she loves each of them as they are her own. I always say that she is the baby whisperer, she's so magical with the babies and even with the parents, she truly is a blessing and I don't know how I would have gotten through these past 7 months without her! So with all the being said, I wanted to show Stepping Stone (Falconwing) some serious LOVE! It will be so hard to say goodbye as we move on to our next chapter in life and we truly will miss each and every one of you! Thank you for giving us an AMAZING 4 years! I honestly can not say enough great things about Stepping Stones!! Y'all Rock!

Shelly A

One of the best after school and day care schools in The Woodlands.

Mikey Rollins

Strong curriculum, my two
Children love Stepping stones!

Lindsay Watson

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