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Take Your Child’s Learning to the Next Level at Stepping Stones

Thanks to remote learning technology, Stepping Stones Child Care offers a virtual in-class program. Our VIP program in The Woodlands, TX provides the academic support and online assistance every child and parent need. Virtual in-class learning allows for small group sizes, remote learning, and social distancing. All local school districts are welcome to use our virtual in-class program, available beginning August 12 for students ages 5-12. Call today for more details or to enroll!

Two Decades of Exceptional Child Care & Academic Excellence

For the past 20 years, families have trusted Stepping Stones Child Care to provide child care in a safe, nurturing environment. We’re here to support The Woodlands and Spring, TX communities any way we can, including our virtual learning program. Our mission remains the same as when we were founded in 2000. We enjoy watching children meet and exceed their full potential through measurable milestones. Children are our future, and we do our best to make them feel accomplished. We understand every child’s learning style and speed are different, so we customize our programs to nurture all types of learners. Our teachers are well-trained in early child development.

How Will Our VIP Program Encourage Child Development?

Don’t worry about your child’s growth and development in our virtual learning program. Our VIP program offers fun enrichment activities and outdoor play to keep your child focused, positive, and motivated. Our teachers employ a STEAM-based approach with hands-on learning. We focus on science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. Age-appropriate activities make learning fun and exciting at Stepping Stones!

Little Girl Using Tablet

What Changes Have Been Implemented at Stepping Stones?

Children still attending classes at Stepping Stones will be given daily COVID health screenings. Our staff will work with children to encourage handwashing and social distancing. We’ve arranged smaller classroom sizes for our pre-K/preschool and private kindergarten. After-school care is still available. We will also continue to provide morning and afternoon snacks and lunch. Whether you choose to send your child to us or use our virtual learning program, you can expect the same level of support. Our commitment to providing a quality education while making children feel safe and secure hasn’t changed.

Have Questions About Remote Learning? Contact Us Today!

Do you have questions or concerns regarding remote learning? Stepping Stones Child Care welcomes questions from parents. Please reach out to us today, and a member of our friendly, experienced staff would be more than happy to assist you!

Experience New Milestones of Academic Excellence

Enroll Today!