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Welcome to Camptastic 2021 for The Woodlands & Spring, TX

You are invited to Stepping Stones Child Care’s summer of exploration, learning, and play. Each week at Camptastic 2021, campers will participate in off-campus and in-house field trips, various activities, and hands-on projects. Stepping Stones Child Care’s staff strives to turn each week of our annual summer camp into a new and exciting adventure. Sometimes, these adventures even surround an educational skill. This summer, campers will splash around in our swimming pool and engage in STEAM-based learning. STEAM-based learning stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Each week will have a different theme and a different lesson to learn with friends. Register now!

Sign-up by May 1st and get a free camp t-shirt and drawstring bag.

Explore, Learn & Play

To keep the fun alive and the children on their toes, we at Stepping Stones Child Care have designated each week of camp with a special theme and coinciding lesson.

Superheros - June 1 - June 5

Lesson: What does it mean to be part of a team and conquer tasks with friends?
Join your fellow superheroes to complete challenges with your superpowers. Learn what it means to be a part of a team and conquer tasks with the help of your friends.

Critter Connection - June 8 - June 12

Lesson: What does it mean to be persistent in everything you do?
Gather around the campfire with friends, get to know the animals around you, tell stories, and learn what it means to be persistent in all the things you do

Get A Clue - June 15 - June 19

Lesson: What does it mean to be a good leader as you discover the truth?
Solve mysteries, complete scavenger hunts, and investigate myths. Be a real detective and learn what it means to be a good leader as you discover the truth.

Fear Factor - June 22 - June 26

Lesson: What does it mean to have grit while having the time of your life?
Be courageous in the face of fear. Join in an adventure with physical feats of strength and endurance. Learn what it means to have grit while having the time of your life.

Party in the USA - June 29 -July 3

Lesson: What does it mean to have self-control while dressed in red, white, and blue?
Celebrate Independence Day with all your friends and play patriotic games. Learn what it means to have self-control while dressed in red, white, and blue.

Rockin’ Road Trip - July 6 - July 10

Lesson: What does it mean to be a good friend while exploring life’s twists and turns?
Planes, trains, automobiles, oh my! Embark on an epic road trip across America. Learn what it means to be a good friend while exploring the twists and turns along the way.

Aqua Adventure - July 13 - July 17

Lesson: What does it mean to have gratitude while having the time of your life?
Splish, splash! Suit up and be ready for water play and play tons of games. Have the time of your life while learning what it means to have gratitude.

Xmas in July - July 20 - July 24

Lesson: What is the importance of generosity and giving to the people around us?
Merry Christmas with a summer twist! Get ready for a holiday season you won’t forget. Learn about the importance of generosity and giving to the people around us.

Fun in the Sun - July 27 - July 31

Lesson: What is the importance of kindness to your friends?
Take a trip to the beach, bask in the sunlight, and enjoy the sea life with all your friends. Learn about the importance of kindness toward your fellow friends.

Galaxy Far, Far Away - August 3 - August 7

Lesson: What does it mean to have significant responsibility?
3…2…1…Take off! We’re headed to space for a week of epic adventures in the galaxy. Through games and challenges, learn what it means to have great responsibility.

Stepping Stones Camp Theme Ideas

Nickelodeon Arcade

Play loads of arcade games featuring your favorite Nickelodeon characters. (Kids could bring the electronics and download the Nickelodeon games.

Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Mini-Golf Universe

Craft a mini-golf course… Kids can join your favorite characters in this mini-golf adventure as you explore the different Nickelodeon golf courses! Putt your way around the Krusty Krab or through Royal Woods. Dodge Lasers with Kid Danger and overcome Ice Cream Mountain with the Rugrats. It’s up to you on how YOU play this adventure.

Learn Origami

Team up with your favorite Nickelodeon characters to learn origami! You can use some of the Nickelodeon characters to craft some actual origami shapes.

Lego City Adventures
Lego City: Build and Protect

Have the kids create construction hats in Nickelodeon’s, LEGO City Adventures: Build and Protect. Play battleship-style mini-games to find 30 unique LEGO bricks. Use these bricks to build 30 different buildings across 6 unlockable districts. Or they can bring their logos to build.

Dora the Explorer or Just the Explorer:

Recrate a jungle theme hunt with Dora for the most dangerous adventure ever – Have clues they can pick up on while learning about the different wild animals along the way.

The Great Nickelodeon Slime Rally

Take a wild ride across the continents of the world with SpongeBob, Kid Danger, Gameshakers, Knight Squad, The Thundermans and The Loud House! Mix your slime up to get a winning formula and ultimately win the Slime Rally cup full of Nickelodeon slime!!

Cooking Contest

Grab your chef hat! It’s time for a cook-off! Nickelodeon: Cooking Contest, you get to play as Kid Danger from Henry Danger, Babe from Game Shakers, or SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants! Once your food is done the judges, Double G, Mr. Krabs, and Schwoz will give you a score.

Run Challenge

Run challenges like on Double Dare. Make sure you have slime. Create races and Sponge Bob trophies as the prizes.

Gummi Bear Making Day:

Carly loves her Gummi Bears on iCarly – make home-made gummie bears they have MOLD that would make large gummi bears as well.

Science Project:

Create cool science projects and call it the Jimmy Neutron Project.

Jojo Karaoke Contest:

Jo-Jo is a huge singer – craft a Karaoke contest and call the Jo-Jo show.

Ninja Turtle

Art day & have sketches of the Ninja Turtles and teach them how to draw.. Almost like a painting with the twist.

Soccer Stars 2

Run, jump, and kick your way to victory!

Do you have what it takes to be a Soccer Star? Score a goal with your favorite characters! In Nickelodeon’s newest Sports Stars game, Nickelodeon Soccer Stars 2, it’s up to you to lead your team to victory. Pick your player, then run, jump, and kick your way to a high score. Play soccer with characters from your favorite shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Henry Danger, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Game Shakers, Power Rangers Ninja Steel and more.

Lights Out
Grab Your Flashlight and Get Ready to Explore the Loud House!

Grab your flashlight! The lights are out in Loud House: Lights Out, it’s up to you to help Lincoln and his sisters find a light source. Get ready to explore The Loud House in pitch-black darkness. Click around to find hidden objects and collect useful items. Then, try to combine your loot and see what happens!

School of Rock
Together We Rock!

MUSIC DAY It’s time to make some music with your favorite characters from School of Rock, like Tomika, Mr. Finn, Freddie, Lawrence, Zack, Summer, and more. Grab an instrument and make some music. (Maybe even have a guest musician)

Then you can have your standard: (Just all in THEME) > NICKELODEON THEME

  • Color Day
  • Swim Day
  • Movie Day
  • Drive-in Movie Day
  • Ice Cream Day
  • Book Reading Day
  • Electronic Day

Camptastic Opportunities at Stepping Stones Child Care

At Stepping Stones Child Care, we offer themed holiday and summer camp options for students between the ages of five and twelve. Our camps allow children to pick their personal adventure through a variety of theme-based indoor and outdoor activities, off-campus and in-house field trips, as well as swimming and hands-on projects. Every week is a new and exciting experience where children will develop real-life skills and friendships. In addition to morning and afternoon snacks, Stepping Stones Child Care staff provide lunch. For just $220 per week and a $150 supply and registration fee, your child will spend the summer months exploring, learning, and playing.

Experience New Milestones of Academic Excellence

Enroll Today!