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A day at a quality daycare is filled with so many routines and learning experiences. Having a daily routine carries many benefits for children beyond simply keeping a schedule. Let’s take a closer look into a day in the life of a child at daycare!

Daycare Daily Routine Schedule

Daily routine is an important part of intellectual development for a child, specifically for toddlers. Having a set routine for morning, meals, and bedtime helps to create an environment of safety and stability, even before they are reading a clock and telling time.

Daycares have daily routines in place to designate times for eating, playing, and napping so that children can thrive. With routines in place, a safe and nurturing environment can provide opportunities to learn about and explore the world while practicing skills that are necessary for school and life.

Infant Daycare Routine

There are five developmental domains: cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language. For children ages 0-18 months, a high-quality daycare will incorporate a curriculum that provides a child-centered approach to learning. Infants can learn about movement, self-awareness, their world, and practice communication.

Toddler Daycare Routines

Toddlers need to safely enjoy exploring the world around them with hands-on activities and outdoor play. Age-appropriate activities and toys will help infants and toddlers explore their curiosities, imagine, problem solve and communicate while using their senses. These experiences will develop in toddlers:

  • intentional focus on each of the five domains
  • differentiated activities to meet all children’s needs
  • daily routines, such as diaper changes, transitions, and outdoor play, that help children grow and develop.
  • Learn trust and security

Preschool Daycare Routines

As children continue to grow, routines develop to meet their needs. Children need to know that they are valued, seen, heard, and that they will have safe opportunities to learn and explore. More structured routines will include reading, math, science/ social studies or community learning while including snack, lunch, outdoor play (or large motor) and often music and physical education time. A high-quality daycare also provides the opportunity to learn how to manage emotions and effectively resolve conflicts.

Transitional Kindergarten Daycare Routines

Sometimes a child’s birthday is so close to the cut off for attending kindergarten. Sometimes a child just needs a little bit more time. A quality transitional kindergarten program will transition from one of a preschool schedule but closely mimic one of a kindergarten routine. The children should have experiences that provide experiences for

  • school readiness skills
  • increased confidence
  • improved communication
  • academic and social skills
  • independence

The daily schedule will also provide structure so that all skill sets are intentionally focused on, and students are provided with opportunities to learn and grow.

Stepping Stones Early Childhood Education Center

Stepping Stones Child Care has programs for infants, toddlers, preschool, and a transitional kindergarten. We gladly serve our neighbors in The Woodlands metropolitan Area outside of Houston, TX and strive to provide high-quality childcare for our community. Contact us for more information today!

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