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While it may be an emotional experience at first for many parents and children, research has proven that 90% of a person’s brain development occurs between the ages of 0 and 5 years old. This fact alone tells us that there are exponential benefits of early childhood education. There are many long-term benefits of children being a part of early childhood education. In fact, the benefits of early childhood education outlast the early years of life and stretch across an entire lifespan, not just for the individual students, but for the whole community.

What Are the Benefits of Early Childhood Education?

Statistics show that quality early childhood education creates the opportunities for children to:

  • Develop emotional resilience and maturity that will impact them for every decade of their life.
  • Increase attentiveness and be more equipped to handle emotions independently.
  • Form the building blocks of the brain’s infrastructure for life-long learning.
  • Develop language and cognitive skills.
  • Improve social interactions that build relationships with both peers and adults.
  • When early learning is experienced, cognitive development is enhanced and children can attain higher levels of literacy and numeracy throughout their education.

Each of these skills and benefits set basic foundations of how children will function in the future. By promoting social emotional learning partnered with cognitive functioning, you can invest in increased chances at a more successful future for every single early childhood education student.

Benefits Of Early Childhood Education for Parents

Seeing your children succeed and even thrive is what you hope for. The best investment in their future that you can make in your child’s academics is early childhood education. Early learning of basic math, language, and scientific thinking skills boost performance later in life. In fact, the need for tutoring and special services is decreased. Social, emotional, and possibly financial rewards are also developed through relationships with the families of peers and classmates and educators at the early childhood educators.

Benefits Of Early Childhood Education to The Community

When children experience high-quality early childhood education, their entire lives can be impacted. Enhanced early learning opportunities will increase the likelihood of continuing education past high school. Higher education will bring employment opportunities with higher incomes into communities and assist with financial security and a healthier economy, reduced crime rates and improved health.

Stepping Stones Child Care

Stepping Stones Child Care, our mission is to “offer advanced instruction to children. We are committed to providing a quality preschool program where children not only learn but also feel safe and secure. We offer an environment where children can meet and exceed their full potentials. Your family will experience this same success as you step up to new and exciting milestones of academic excellence.”

Our staff provide for your child’s needs. Our programs incorporate age-appropriate activities and developmentally appropriate curriculum for all ages of learners. We provide high-quality childcare for The Woodlands metropolitan Area outside of Houston, TX.

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