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The holiday season is a great time to engage your preschooler in fun activities that help them burn off some energy and get into the festive spirit. We’re here to help with five of our favorite Christmas arts, crafts, and activities for preschoolers. Read on to find out more!

1. Make a Paper Plate Reindeer

These adorable paper plate reindeers are easy to make and look amazing when they’re finished. All you need is a paper plate, some cardstock or construction paper, markers, scissors, glue sticks and googly eyes. Cut the paper plate in half and then transform it into Rudolph’s face using some red cardstock or construction paper for his nose and some brown cardstock or construction paper for his antlers. Finish up by adding some googly eyes and letting your child draw on the rest of Rudolph’s face with markers.

2. Create a Snow Globe

This classic craft is made even better when your child has the chance to customize their own snow globe. You will need an empty jar (preferably one with a wide mouth), glycerin (which can be found at most drug stores), glitter, confetti or sequins, water, superglue (to hold the lid of the jar in place) and small figurines like trees or toy soldiers if desired. Fill the jar halfway up with glycerin-water mixture then add your figurines followed by glitter or confetti before sealing it all together with superglue. Once sealed, turn the jar upside down to watch it snow!

3. Colorful Christmas Lights

To begin this project children will draw a bunch of circles onto cardstock in various shapes and sizes before coloring each circle with crayons or markers. Next use an adult to cut out each circle before helping your child string them together using yarn or string (you may want to double knot each one). Finally hang up their colorful lights around your home or classroom window as decorations!

4. Create Some Christmas Cards

With just some colored construction paper and felt pens you can create beautiful homemade cards that are perfect for family members who live far away from you this holiday season! Use two pieces of construction paper per card; one piece should be cut into any shape you like while the other should remain whole, so you have something to write on later when filling out addresses etc. Then let your preschooler decorate both pieces however they like–maybe draw Santa Claus?–before pasting them together once all finished then writing out their message inside!

5. Paint Some Little Trees

This activity is all about getting creative with paint! Begin by having an adult trace a tree shape onto white drawing paper then let your preschooler go crazy painting whatever colors they choose onto their little tree before adding glitter if desired for some extra sparkle! Hang up these unique little trees around your home as decoration throughout December leading up until Christmas day itself!

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There are many ways that you can get involved in artsy-craftsy activities during Christmas time with young children–these five being just a few examples among many more available online and offline alike! From making reindeers out of paper plates and creating snow globes to painting little trees and making homemade cards why not try them all this holiday season at Stepping Stones Child Care in The Woodlands TX? Happy crafting everyone! Contact us today at 281-298-5838 to learn more about our preschool programs in Woodland.

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