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As summer is winding down and the hustle and bustle of the beginning of a new school year is about to begin, we wanted to share a fun, easy, yet beautiful craft that will leave your family and friends thinking you spent a small fortune on home decor. We will show you step by step just how easy it is to make this happen. Don’t need any more decor in your own home? These mason jar crafts make thoughtful, amazing gifts for teachers, family, friends, and neighbors.

What to Shop For:

Step 1: Go to your local retailer (Wal-Mart has great pricing on the items listed below) and purchase glass mason jars. Any brand will do. These are often deeply discounted in bulk packs so do not be afraid to get a box- we are sure you will want to make more and more once you see how easy and beautiful they turn out.

Mason Jars Craft in The Woodlands, TX

Step 2: Choose the colors of chalk paint that you would like to use. As you can see from the examples we provided that we have made, the mason jars can be all the same color or a variety of colors to fit your desires.

Mason Jar Projects Designed in The Woodland, TX

Step 3: Get a low grit sandpaper for the distressing of the painted mason jars and some twine for a farmhouse look. If you would like to get a tray for the mason jars to sit in, grab that too. If you are using artificial flowers to put inside the mason jars, grab those too. Wal-Mart has small $1 colors of chalk paint and a 3 pack of varying size trays for 9.97.

Painted mason jars in The Woodlands

The Project

Step 1: Get your mason jars and remove the lids. Choose the paint color and paint each mason jar. You will need 2 or 3 coats depending on your preference but chalk paint dries quickly so the process will not take long. This is so easy, even a small child can do it!

Step 2: Grab a piece of sandpaper and lightly distress the areas that you would like to. Oftentimes, crafters distress around the logo and any raised area on the jar. If you distress too much feel free to paint over that part of the jar and try again. This project is very forgiving.

Step 3: Time to add the twine (if you choose) around the mouth of the mason jar. Feel free to add flowers and then add the mason jars to a tray if you like. Now it’s time to enjoy your family project.

Mason Jar Family Projects We Have Designed

Mason Jar Projects Designed in The Woodland, TX

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