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Bluebonnet Flowers

It’s that time again. The family photo season has arrived! If you are looking for tips and tricks to your best family photo session ever, keep reading!

First, you will want to plan your outfits. We recommend denim and solid colors for a more timeless look.  Second, you will want to have the perfect tripod and Bluetooth remote.  Here is one that we love:

Along with your tripod, don’t forget to plan ahead for any props that you would like to bring. Crates are often used for seating and blankets can add a comfortable touch for a more relaxed photo. If using a blanket, we kindly ask that you please use it in an area that does not crush any flowers.

Next, you will want to pick your location. For families in The Woodlands, Rob Fleming park has a beautiful area that has become a local “go-to photo area” for residents and visitors.

You will want to plan for a day that is sunny, but not directly. We recommend shooting either early in the morning or later in the day. Strategically having the sun coming from the side rather than the top will allow for better lighting and family members will have more rested faces and smiles.

Another great tip, shoot low. Remember to play with angles. We find that shots taken from a lower point of view give a unique perspective of the bluebonnets as well as the family members.

Don’t forget, snakes and other little critters live in the area that you will be visiting. We recommend having a parent carefully, but heavily, stomp around in the area and check the grass thoroughly before shooting. When doing so, please be sure to avoid stomping any of the beautiful bluebonnets. It is best to stick to any natural paths as much as possible.

We love these tips to plan and fully achieve beautiful family photos with a small budget and complete creative control. If you and your family used any of our tips, please send us your photos! We are always so happy to help others learn new ways to do our favorite things. Also, if you have any requests for future blog themes please do not hesitate to reach out. We love to hear your ideas! Happy Bluebonnet Hunting!

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