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Experience Enrichment With Stepping Stones Child Care

Stepping Stones Child Care in The Woodlands, TX, prepares your child for a successful academic journey. We take pride in our ability to support families through benefits and programs that make your child’s preschool experience truly remarkable. Discover how 20 years of excellence in family support can bring value to your child today.

A Legacy of Excellence

Stepping Stones Child Care leads with the vision we were founded on: to provide a nurturing environment that enables children to thrive while providing parents with total peace of mind. Our professionals have worked meticulously for over two decades to advance our programs to achieve a legacy of excellence. We are your partner in childhood enrichment.

Promoting Balance & Growth

At Stepping Stones Child Care preschool in the Woodlands, we believe in a comprehensive approach to childcare enrichment programs. Our programs encompass the intellectual, physical, emotional, and creative development of our students. With our approach, children can learn through a combination of instructional and mentally stimulating opportunities and active playtime, promoting balance and growth.

Free Enrichment Programs

Our success would not be possible without the continued support of our Stepping Stones Child Care community. To give back, we offer a wealth of free enrichment programs tailored to various interests. From creative activities to fostering a new love for language and beyond, our programs offer a well-rounded experience for your child.

Versatile Programs for Diverse Interests

We go beyond traditional toddlercare. We offer a range of engaging enrichment programs that are tailored to diverse interests, including:

  • The Language Spark
  • Soccer Shots
  • Playball
  • Dance Arts- Kids N Action
Free Nutritious Lunch

Nutrition is a pillar in a child’s development. We understand the importance of a nutritious, well-balanced lunch. As such, we provide carefully curated meals made with love to support optimal growth for our enrolled children at Stepping Stones Child Care. Our healthy and delicious meals promote full bellies to facilitate your child’s learning and development.

Fun for the Whole Family

Stepping Stones Child Care prioritizes building strong relationships with the families we have the pleasure of working with. We provide a range of fun activities for the whole family to get involved in, giving children and parents the opportunity to engage and connect with our vibrant community.

Winter Adventure Winter Break

We understand that winter break can be a daunting time for hard-working parents. We provide our Winter Adventure Winter Break program that provides the opportunity to continue your child’s enrichment program. The program includes winter-themed activities and a chance for your child to make new friends and remain stimulated throughout the winter season.

Family Day for Christmas Shopping

Make the hectic holiday season engaging and exciting for your child while simplifying your to-do list with Stepping Stones Child Care’s Family Day for Christmas Shopping. We host a night for you to get your Christmas shopping covered while we handle your toddlercare. Our event includes festive crafts and games for your child to enjoy.

Spring Camp

The spring season is synonymous with growth, and our Spring Camp encapsulates that spirit. Our Spring Camp is an excellent way to get your child outdoors and learning with our dedicated guidance. From lessons in nature to fun games and making new friends, our Spring Camp is the perfect opportunity to provide your child with an enriching experience.

Child & Infant Curriculum for Daycare in The Woodlands

Make your child’s preschool in The Woodlands, TX, more than a daycare experience with Stepping Stones Child Care. With a strong emphasis on early childhood academics, we offer an array of child and infant educational programs, including the Frog Street infant curriculum. Our academics encompass creativity, imagination, and building skills in areas of interest, all while promoting social and motor skills.

Join the Stepping Stones Child Care Family Today

Our 20 years of dedicated service have enabled Stepping Stones Child Care to create a nurturing environment that helps your child learn, grow, and thrive. We provide families with a sense of community and endless enrichment opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about enrolling your child in our enrichment programs.

Experience New Milestones of Academic Excellence

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