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Child-Centered Curriculum

At Stepping Stones Child Care, we offer an advanced curriculum to children while fostering an environment where your child can meet, and even exceed, their full potential. Segmented into four age groups, the curriculum at Stepping Stones Child Care caters to children from zero months to those ready for kindergarten. Our infant curriculum is child-centered and designed to build strong child development foundations. Our toddler curriculum is created around the latest scientific early brain development research and focuses on the five developmental domains. Our Pre-K/Preschool curriculum uses developmentally-appropriate and intentional learning for kindergarten readiness. Our private kindergarten curriculum is well-rounded, diversified, and designed to challenge students through quality instruction. Everything we do at Stepping Stones Child Care enhances your child’s learning in the classroom.


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Enrichment Programs

At Stepping Stones Child Care, we understand that each child has their personal way of thinking, understanding, performing, and remembering their world. Because of this, we offer our students a variety of enrichment programs, including Spanish, physical education, music, and more. We work hard to make learning Spanish fun and easy. Our beginner Spanish curriculum is free to pre-k/preschool and kindergarten students. It incorporates games, hands-on activities, puppets, videos, and songs. For physical education, Stepping Stones Child Care offers Soccer Shots, a high-energy program that introduces your child to the fundamentals of the sport; and Playball, a sports program that focuses on the development of motor and physical skills. Combining physical education with music, we offer Carma’s Dance Program, where children can develop an appreciation for the art of dance while increasing their coordination and flexibility.


After-School Program

In addition to our child-centered curriculum and enrichment programs, Stepping Stones Child Care also offers an after-school program run by a knowledgeable staff able to assist with your child’s homework. Our after-school program engages students with learning activities like cooking, gardening, going to the gym, and more. Additionally, our program uses an Android-based interactive panel designed for the classroom with over 3,000 educational games and activities. Incorporated into our after-school program is Homework Club, where students can finish their homework so that families can have the opportunity for quality time at home. Additional after-school amenities include putt-putt golf, rock climbing, basketball, skating, pinball, and more.


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